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Nicholas Andre


I'm a software engineer at Microsoft working on the OneNote Foundations team. I'm a true geek, and a passionate individual with a wide array of interests and skills. I never miss the chance to pick up more!


  • Programming

  • c++ - experience working in the Microsoft Office codebase
  • c# - web service experience on OneNote, used for hackathon with the ASP.NET MVC framework
  • python - Django and various scripting tasks
  • Databases/ORM - MySQL primarily, raw SQL + Django and other ORMs
  • c/assembly - microcontrollers, OS programming, network programming
  • php - the old & faithful LAMP stack has saved many an hour of onerous tasks with a single file of PHP.
  • Platforms

  • Application Development - I spent a lot of my time at Microsoft working with C++ client code in the Office codebase. Integrated with web service for a hackathon project enabling automatic online analysis of diagnostic logs.
  • Web Services - I love working with Django, particularly for the automatic database migrations and sane query syntax. As bonus, I can make an HTTP/1.1 request using Telnet
  • Databases - MySQL the most, along with some work in Postgres, Mongo, Azure blog storage.
  • Networking - QoS, IGMP + Multicast, Cisco (2960 and SG-500), I <3 Ubiquiti
  • System Architecture - KVM setup and management, web applications, manage Rivendell at WMFO.


Tufts University

MS Electrical Engineering

Power electronics, high performance computer archiecture, .

BS Computer Engineering

Belmont Hill School


I did, in fact, graduate from high school.

Work Experience

For a summary take a look at my resume.

Microsoft Corporation

Summer 2015 Intern & Full Time August 2016 to Present

I've spent a lot of time working on improving the reliability of authentication. There were a lot of user complaints surrounding authentication problems -- particularly being prompted to re-enter account information daily but also not being able to sign in at all.

Upon more detailed investigation, I discovered architecturel problems at the client level that hampered our ability to get useful telemetry on authentication. Each state (unauthenticated or authenticated) was valid and it was therefore difficult at our level to understand state from such a single point. I ended up doing feature work to:

  1. Map identity to resource at time of opening
  2. Develop a modularized authentication system to track state in a thread-safe way
  3. From the state, produce telemetry about the system on a per-account level
  4. Use an activity telemetry system to track progress and behavior of user sign in to understand behavior of authenticaiton modules. I had to optimize this telemetry to limit data volume given the scale of our deployment (installed on every Windows 10 device by default).

I also did other bug fixing work, particularly refining the errors that we interpreted as "authentication-related." I also ironed out a problem with incomplete module initialization which I later discovered resulted in some 4 million spurious prompts per month.

Support & Customer Engagement

I'm very passionate about ensuring we are in tune with customers and provide an exceptional support experience. Upon seeing some of the difficulties users were facing working with our application, I helped develop a support tool for agents to resolve common problems within OneNote and refined it based upon feedback.

I also got a chance to fly down to Dallas and engage with our support team there, particularly to provide support and escalation procedures and to help identify communication barriers that were hampering their progress. The result has been greatly improved cooperation between support and engineering and the support was recently called out at a conference as being some of the best in Office.

In the spirit of listening to customers, I also assisted in the development and implementation of a customer engagement procedure to leverage our pre-production deployments for early discovery of any build or service problems. We wanted to maximize the value of our investigations by setting individual procedures for the value of the data, giving greater priority to internal "dogfood" users as well as customers running pre-production versions of our product.

I've also worked with internal teams to optimize external messaging for any ongoing incidents, and monitored social media platforms like Reddit myself.


Architected and implemented a collaboration telemetry set and dashboard to monitor usage and performance of collaboration scenarios.

Implemented a telemetry dashboard for error reporting on the health of OneNote files in the cloud. Included work in C# and ScopeScript.

Boston AV Productions, LLC

Founder and President (April 2013-Present)

I founded an Audio Visual Event Services company to compete with my University's own AV Services in an effort to provide better service and better value to on-campus groups. My roll is obviously flexible, but I went through LLC registration, accounting, strategic planning, insurance, payroll, taxes, etc. Fantastic learning experience and I'm glad I had the opportunity to do it!

General Electric Intelligent Platforms

Software Development Intern (Summer 2014)

Worked an the Proficy Vision platform team, up and down the stack from Database work to Java coding to interfacing multiple components. Spearheaded a project to enable SSL termination through a NodeJS-based proxy server that integrated all APIs during the transitional development phase and enabled future support for web sockets.

Editshare, LLC

Software Development Intern (Summer 2013)

Software development including some fun reverse engineering work. Architecture help with a Linux kernel cgroup-based QoS system for disk access. Reverse engineering work on OSX platform and a bit of dynamic library shimming to "overcome some technical restrictions on Apple's platform."

Cartera Commerce, Inc.

Operations Intern (Summer 2012)

Implemented scripts to integrate company and third party services. Also worked on provisioning and managing servers through Puppet for company web services.


Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems

At Tufts I TA for our microprocessor architecture class and our digital logic and FPGA intro class. Very interested in various embedded systems, RTOSes, protocols and busses.

Audio Visual Work

I started an AV Event Services company during my Sophomore year to compete with the University's own services. I enjoy audio recording and sound production from both an aesthetic and a technical (EE) sense. My one claim to fame is that I can sing Piano Man while playing the piano and using the harmonica.

The Radio Station

Dovetailing with the above, I'm the Director of Operations at Tufts' Radio Station, WMFO Medford. We run a full Audio over IP network and I love to tinker with everything from Servers to VoIP to broadcast compressors and Radio Data Systems.

Amateur Radio and RF

From RFID to programming to tuning duplexers, RF is fun! I bought an HP8924C Service Monitor and had it in my dorm room Sophomore year.


I eat a ketogenic diet and I love talking about the fascinating world of science and politics that make up the US Dietary Guidelines. Will post a presentation and manifesto link when I get the chance ;-)


Had a color darkroom in my laundry room during high school. Lots of fun :)